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In the paperwork-intensive industry of mortgage lending, manual processes slow and often break the flow of work in your daily transactions. But DocuTracks document imaging, management and workflow helps resolve the time, financial and productivity costs of manual paper processes.

DocuTracks's greatest asset is its innate flexibility. From financial's to human resources to loan origination and underwriting, DocuTracks is built for ease of use and ease of deployment, helping you build organizational efficiencies, not just departmental. At the same time, DocuTracks optimizes the functionality of your existing business software applications, creating maximum return on your technology investments. DocuTracks browser-based solution, facilitates document sharing with external and internal partners through a secure channel.

DocuTracks is implemented with such ease and speed that you'll see immediate benefits — whether it's creating secure, long-term storage for mortgage documentation, supporting your compliance initiative or ensuring greater customer satisfaction.