The Three Keys to Compliance

Whether your company's goal is merely to avoid penalties or also to reap benefits, the first step is to understand the key elements of compliance. And when wading through the sea of compliance nomenclature, it is important to note the common theme: all are unified in their purpose of mandating effective information management on the part of businesses.

While all of the various regulations may be aimed at different industries or different beneficiaries, they all essentially require companies to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of their records and to be able to produce records in an appropriate and timely manner.

Across the various legislative acts, there are three common requirements: data integrity, confidentiality and accessibility, all of which can benefit from the support offered by the DocuTracks document imaging and workflow solution suite. DocuTracks supports:
Data Integrity
Records must be complete, accurate and stored with administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure they are not inappropriately altered, damaged or deleted.

The ability of DocuTracks to store all of an organization's unstructured data using indexing and tracking features ensures data accuracy. DocuTracks's store provides secure storage and supports long-term retention.

Data Confidentiality
Records must be accessible only to authorized users and protected from inappropriate use or disclosure.

DocuTracks's authentication and encryption features provide a variety of ways to ensure that authorized persons access only those documents to which they have been given permission and track each time a document is accessed.

Data Accessibility
Records must be accessible to regulators, law enforcement and the individuals to whom they pertain (such as disclosures of personal data).

Rich display capabilities ensure DocuTracks users can access data using the method most convenient to them. Display capabilities, tightly integrated with DocuTracks's security features, also ensure that all user actions are auditable.