Security & SSL We at DocuTracks understand concerns about data security and can assure you that DocuTracks provides outstanding data protection.

Add an additional layer of security by upgrading to a high security SSL website that uses advanced data encryption technology for all transmissions.

Controlled Access Enroll your members in a private, password-protected site. Members log in to access information, files and discussion forums.

Search Text Search text is fast and accurate search for documents of similar content in any data volume, the opportunity to avoid duplicating information, integration into any application systems. The search text feature operates with all the popular text files formats (txt, doc, rtf, pdf, htm, html).

Alert & Notification User can create alerts and two reminders based on each document. Email notification will be sent out with custom message to user or all team members.

Account Auditing Audit account activity, including account creation and deletion, log-on and log-off and password failure.

Data Auditing It allows administrators to audit users files uploads and downloads. Also, the series of information additions, updates or deletions, thereby providing a holistic and process based view of information sharing.